12 Pack, 2 oz Small Clear Glass Bottles with Lids & 3 Stainless Steel Funnel



Package includes 12-pack 2oz Boston round glass bottles, 3 stainless steel funnels, and 24 labels. The bottles are made of thick glass with leakproof black plastic twist lids. Functional accessories include small funnels and labels. Versatile use for liquids or decorative purposes. Ideal for travel, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe.

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📦 Package Includes: 12 pack 2oz (60ml) boston round glass bottle + 3 small stainless steel funnels + 24 labels (2 types). Bottles are packaged in grid-shaped partition and thick carton box to prevent damage.

🌟 High Quality Material & Leakproof Design Caps: These 2 oz container bottles are made of strong thick glass, thick black plastic twist lids with soft plastic cones on the inside to ensure no leakage. The conical inner cap tightly adheres to the bottle mouth to ensure air tight seal.

🛠️ Functional Accessories: Small funnels help you do jobs with liquids more effectively. Labels(24, 2 types) are included in case you need them.

🔄 Multi Uses: As usual lab supplies or sample bottles, they are great for alcohol, liquor, whiskey, ginger turmeric shots, wellness shot, homemade vanilla extract, hot sauce, juice, DIY essential oils, tincture, perfume oils, potion and other liquids. As decorative bottles, they are beautiful filled with various solid or powder with hanging tags.

✈️ Ideal Travel Essential Bottles: This convenient mini size makes it perfect for travel in bags as the Leak-Proof covers. You can travel with liquids everywhere. Easy to clean with small bottle brushes and also be DISHWASHER SAFE.








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2 Fluid Ounces


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