Air Fryer Silicone Pots, 2 Pieces



Silicone air fryer pot with liners for healthier cooking in Ninja Foodi. Heat-resistant, reusable, and versatile for multiple appliances.  Handles for easy transfer; dishwasher safe. Follow safety guidelines to avoid burning.

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🔄 Practical Groove Design: Our round silicone air fryer pot features many silicone liners for improving air circulation and heat distribution to cook your food in less time, and make residual oil or grease easy to flow out to enjoy healthier foods.

🍽️ Silicone Air Fryer Liners: This air fryer liners silicone is designed for Ninja Foodi Dual DZ201 DZ401. Made of food-grade silicone, non-stick, no BPA, non-toxic, and tasteless, meets FDA standards. The best choice for enjoying healthy and safe cooking.

🍲 Wide application: This silicone basket liner is a must-have kitchen accessory, suitable for air fryer, steamer, oven, instant pot, microwave, etc. The perfect gift for your family, friends, and cooking lovers.

💰 Save Money: The air fryer silicone basket is heat resistant up to 464 ℉ (250℃), colorfast, odorless, reusable, eco-friendly, and saves money. Better than disposable parchment paper. The silicone basket with handles on both sides makes it easier to remove and transfer food to a plate or bowl with the help of a tool. Dishwasher safe.

🔥 Avoid Burning: 1. Please do not use the air fryer silicone liner without food during preheating; the air fryer basket liners need to be pressed by enough food in the air fryer. 2. No exposure to fire directly, or the air fryer tray could catch fire; 3. Please make sure the temperature is under 450℉/230℃.


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